Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Accidentally Discovery

In March 2003, I accepted a work contract to work for a software company in India! And being the adventurous type- I would travel from village to village as a tourist with a trusty Indian guide with the intension of seeing India at the grassroots level!
So every week I would go some remote location that was free of the usual tourist traffic! When one day whiles touring I stumbled across something strange!
I came across a village that was called the “village of beautiful hair”…and true to their name each person I saw in that village had beautiful youthful long locks of hair! Now being bald myself I was consciously looking to find any bald person in the village but I could not find one. I found that very strange as male pattern baldness is very common trait among men all over the world!
I asked my guide if there were any bald people in this village and he laughed…he said they don’t call this the “village of beautiful hair” for nothing…and that these indigenous people had mastered the art of growing thick long hair for the past 5000 years…. Baldness was not existent in this village! Their ancestors had passed a special “hair growth” formula down by word of mouth one line after another for over 5000 years (long hair has a great religious significance in this village so not having hair was not an option)
This got me intrigued…I took of my cap off (that hid my bald spot) and all of a sudden it was like the entire village (made of some 400 people) took a step back… it was like I was the devil and they were sacred of me…(long hair is looked upon as being godly and a lack of hair as impure) I soon found out that they had never seen a bald white man before…and they immediately begun to “chant and prey for me” in a language I had no understanding off…

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