Sunday, June 14, 2009

The A Helix Coil

n the organization of a single hair, three "alpha helices" are twisted together to form a "protofibril". This is actually the first fibril structure of the hair. Nine protofibrils are then bundled in a circle around two or more to form an eleven-stranded cable known as the "microfibril". These microfibrils are embedded in an amphorous unorganized protein matrix of high sulfur content, and hundreds of such microfibrils are cemented into an irregular fibrous bundle called a "macrofibril". These macrofibrils are grouped together to form the cortex (or the main body) layers of the hair fiber. Packed dead cells surround these structures and are known as the cuticular layers of the hair. In the center of these structures lies the medullary canal, which is actually apart of the excretory system and houses any foreign debris, heavy metals, synthetics and medications that are thrown off by the body and eventually released through the canal.

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