Sunday, June 14, 2009

Assessment Tool

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Assessment Tool
Welcome to HumanaNatura’s natural health assessment tool.
Our assessment tool is designed to give you immediate, personalized feedback on fifty dimensions of natural health, each drawn from the HumanaNatura program.
The assessment tool will automatically create a personalized 30-day natural health program for you, with three prioritized areas of focus. Please consult with your physician to validate these focus areas before beginning your personalized natural health program.
You can update your assessment and personalized natural health program as often as you like, as you make progress toward natural health and your level of health improves.
To complete your HumanaNatura natural health assessment and receive your personalized program, simply answer each of the questions below, and then click the submit button to see and print your assessment results and 30-day action plan.
Please note that your individual assessment results and 30-day health program will be private, and your identity will not be tracked by HumanaNatura. We reserve the right to collect aggregated survey responses for our own use in analyzing general health trends and improving our natural health program.

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